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THE BREAK | A first of its kind docu-series on Rap Caviar, co-created by Spotify and Sprite. The series explored today’s hip-hop economy and how technological and social change is impacting how artists, producers, and managers are breaking through and changing the culture of hip-hop.


The short-form stories featured some of the most innovative and often unknown, young talent talking about their passions – From rapper Tierra Whack, who broke convention with her social media inspired 15-minute long album, to producer Nick Mira, who started selling beats in his bedroom, to the creators of LVRN, who applied their own D.I.Y. approach to marketing an upstart record label.

Watch The Break With Tierra Whack
Watch The Break With Internet Money
Watch The Break With LVRN



We were tasked with developing the program from scratch with Spotify, including the purpose of the content, talent selection, and the stories. We made it clear to Spotify that this was not about promoting products, but rather inspiring AA youth to make their own way.


Because of this, Spotify agreed to bend their own rules to make the content experience seamless. Instead of pre-rolls or living on a branded content hub, our :15 and :30 advertorials lived on the Rap Caviar playlist just like a song would – a one-time exception that Rap Caviar made just for this program.

Breaking Through Design With Tatyanna Nance
Breaking Through Production With Nick Mira
Breaking Through Culture With Jeremy Baiden



Because of our shared vision, Sprite and Rap Caviar also organically promoted the content via social media and PR to inspire more AA youth beyond the Spotify platform.