Walmart Holiday Gifting

In the world of retail, the holidays are make-or-break. A retailer’s whole year can end in the black or in the red based on its sales during this period. For this critically important holiday season, GlobalHue hired PaintBox Labs to develop messaging targeting African-American millennial moms.


The Go-To Solution


The messaging needed to focus on “gifting” with Walmart being the go-to solution for getting the hot holiday gifts desired during this period. The creative strategy was to craft an integrated campaign of not just traditional TV, but also online and experiential extensions.


Strong Emotions


To this end, PaintBox Labs leveraged the strong emotions around the bonus love possible in the increasingly common situation of blending families. What we developed was a charming spot that showed a young shopper using his hard-earned savings to surprise his sister-to-be with the gift she’s wanted most and ends with his mom getting the gift she wanted most.