These Final Hours Anthology Series


Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests, Curtis is a young African-American struggling through his days in America, but what you see isn’t necessarily the truth. These Final Hours is a NAACP Image Award nominated short film, and is the pilot episode of an anthology series and an educational movement with the express mission of subverting unconscious bias.

Music Is My Vision: The Rob Jones Story


The short film will tell (a small part of) the story of Robert Jones–a multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter from the South side of Chicago. Being shot at the age of 10 and struck blind could cripple a child with a sense of hopelessness, trauma, despair, or anger. But Robert’s desire to make and share music overrode it all.


We feel his story is inspiring and that it needs to be told. That people need to discover him and his music.


Inspiring people to reach for their dreams is desperately needed in any age. Robert’s story-and his ongoing musical work–does that.

The Movie


Outspoken Jimmie Walker goes from aimless to fearless in his search for comedy fame—only to discover that it takes more than punchlines to survive in the spotlight and keep the “Good Times” from going bad.


Dino Survival


Dino Survival is an augmented reality dinosaur adventure game that you can play in the middle of your living room, bringing you face-to-face with fierce and terrifying predators.  This entertaining experience is brought to you by the use of mobile AR technology that allows unique, innovative, and incredibly addictive mannerisms and features. Explore a variety of dinosaur worlds like the Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, Permian periods, and the underwater Devonian and Ordovician times.


ASXFest + Career Fair: A New Black Renaissance Experience


This festival is dedicated to showcasing the current groundswell of unapologetically Black cultural expression that puts more emphasis on being true to the culture.


The event will be a showcase for artists, performers, chefs and various business professionals who will engage African Americans and other park visitors interested in diverse content during a 6-day experience.


Additionally, ASX Fest will incorporate a career fair making it not only a fun but also a purposeful event.

Legends of Laughter (LOL) Comedy Honors


The Legends of Laughter (LOL) Comedy Honors highlights Black comedy and comedians from throughout the decades. LOL celebrates the full spectrum of the comedy industry, from icons and legends to trailblazers, social media sensations, and even those behind-the-scenes powerhouses who helped to build the comedy platform with little previous recognition.


Finding the Underdog: Dynamic Digital Collectibles


A revolutionary Web3 experience uniting college athletes and superfans through dynamic collectible (dNFT) Tech. Our exclusive digital collectibles will evolve with each athlete and their performances, bringing fans into the action, giving athletes a greater stage and brand awareness. Using the unique ownership properties of digital collectibles, we’re creating an ecosystem that lets fans share in Athlete NILs, through a new experience of gamification, exclusive access & content, and ownership.


Teddy TRex


From our partners at Pixeldust, a collection of 5,000 of the cutest pixel dinosaurs on the Solana blockchain with an innovative utility granting its owner a unique playable avatar in our expansive Dinoverse P2E game, built on Photon. With online lobbies for up to 16 players, you can hang out with other holders, build a customizable Dino Den, battle enemies, complete challenges, and earn rewards in the Dinoverse’s economy.


James Bond Gang A Modern Twist On True Events


The James Bond Gang was linked to scores of burglaries in the late 1980s and early 1990s. An FBI-led task force took on the gang in 1995 in an assault that sent several members to prison.


Inspired by these true crime events, our new TV series follows Derrick Jackson aka DJ, a formidable businessman working in modern finance and crypto by day, and pulling off elaborate heists by night with his crew of thieves. With their sophisticated tactics and high-tech getaway cars, this gang has an air of international mystery like no other.

Doji On The Hill


A motley trio of college kids set out at their HBCU to get rich despite their lack of financial literacy, but their French Bulldog Doji is (usually) there to save them.


Through each character, we explore a different money philosophies and the new financial landscapes of today.


Built with a ground-breaking and proprietary AI design and story-boarding technology and breaks old tech barriers to become a new and groundbreaking web-3 media.

Shake The Bank An HBCU Financial Literacy Tour


Branden & Bryce are your hosts and personal guides through the often-confusing jungle of crypto and FT investing, navigating through opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind – to help you ‘Shake the Bank’.


Shake The Bank gives viewers real talk around financial literacy, wealth management, personal development, and investing in smart ways. Shot on location at select HBCU campuses in front of a studio audience and streamed on HBCU GO TV.

Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy


In the words of Anthony Anderson, Tiffany Haddish, Steve Harvey, Regina King and more, Phat Tuesdays tells the unbelievable story of how one man, Guy Torry, moved mountains to launch an all-Black comedy night at The Comedy Store.


What started as an experiment in 90’s Los Angeles turned into a breeding ground for today’s greatest comedians, elevating Black voices to have their turn on the stage.



A documentary series chronicling the successful rehabilitation program of prison inmates through their training of unwanted dogs for re-introduction or adoption.


The series highlights the plight that both offenders and dogs face and how an unlikely union brings out a change in character of both man and beast. The results are life changing for the offender, dog and recipient.

Finding the Underdog: A Quest to be the Best


A four-episode docu-series that takes viewers inside Syracuse University’s basketball program and their resurrection year under new head coach Adrian “Red” Autry.


The series follows the 2023 Syracuse University Orange men’s basketball team on their summer tour of Israel, at practice and during games, in the locker room, off the field, and in the community, throughout their “hard knocks” season.

Reggaetón Hustle


Angel Ramos, a Dominican music executive and promoter from the tough streets of the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, gambles all – career, relationship and financial stability – on his vision and gut affinity for an unproven Puerto Rican music genre and an unknown artist.

Boogie Bugs World


Boogie Bugs tells the ongoing adventures (and misadventures!) of a musical group of bugs who travel the countryside performing concerts for the insect world.