For over 100 years, sharing a Coke has pretty much been synonymous with sharing a smile. But as lifestyles change and soft-drink consumption patterns right along with them, occasionally consumers need to be reminded of the simple pleasure and social grace of sharing a Coke.


Enjoy a Coke


When the Coca-Cola Company engaged GlobalHue and PaintBox Labs to help remind cross-cultural consumers to enjoy a Coke via television, PBL considered the tension-filled tenor of the times and created a spot that shows how an ice cold Coca-Cola is a social accelerant that can not only help to break the ice, but can also help to break through barriers of age, gender and race. Just the addition of a Coke can help to make any of the many moments of the day just that much better.


Winning Responses


As a long time sponsor of the Essence Festival, Coca-Cola also wanted an innovative way to remind festival attendees to beat the sweltering New Orleans heat and complement the red hot onstage performances with a refreshing Coke. The team created a Main Stage Moments game where audience member texted answers to trivia questions during a 30 second countdown. Winning responses were eligible to win prizes like a one-on-one, all-expenses paid Washington, DC cooking experience with celebrity Chef Huda.




PaintBox Labs worked with Pixod to develop an interactive game activation that allowed for audience engagement between acts utilizing the massive Jumbotron monitors of the Superdome and text messaging.


Attendees were excited over prizes and refreshed over Coke while The Coca-Cola Company was thrilled over results.