WaveX Remix Culture

WAVEX | PaintBox Labs was commissioned by IPG Media Group/UM Worldwide to help develop a global presentation style guide kit (i.e. promo video, branded microsite, book/pamphlet design) to promote UM’s online research survey to the media and marketing community.


The global digital presentation was the first introduction of UM Worldwide’s tenth global study—#RemixCulture—purporting to identify four cultural shifts reshaping consumer behavior in seemingly contradictory ways.



We had the honor of working with UM Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer, Deidre Smalls-Laundau on her cross-cultural global program called ‘WaveX RemixCulture’ to help introduce the study at Innovfest Unbound the anchor event of the Singapore Smart Nation Innovation Week and during the 2019 Cannes Lions Festivals.


Our team created a 4-minute bold, high-definition video and an interactive microsite to unveil at the Innovfest Unbound anchor event and to also be leveraged throughout multiple distribution channels after the festivals.


The findings are based on an annual study conducted by the agency. This year’s base included a quantitative survey of 56,397 active internet users conducted in 44 languages, across 81 countries.

WaveX RemixCulture Recap Production Video



The presentation video inspired viewers about how Remix Culture reveals the path forward on cultural connectivity by going deeper into the types of content that informs cultural identity and influences consumer behavior. It also helped UM clients gain insights and better understanding on how to navigate cultural trends at a time when trust continues to drop — and it’s more important than ever to make their brands culturally relevant.


Password To View Animatic: remixculture

Remix Culture Global 4-Minute Video Presentation



After the innovation week event, a tabletop book and event pamphlet was distributed throughout UM’s channels including, being used by strategy & research team, internal meetings, featured on the UM website, in social media channels, by PR & communications department and in client briefings.


All together, UM dubbed the insight as “a cultural breakthrough,” and said it will have a profound impact going forward for media, marketing and messaging.