With the objective of setting the proper tone for and conveying the Teradata brand strategy in a video to debut with CEO Vic Lund’s unveiling of the new Teradata business strategy and direction, we presented three distinct creative concepts for his 2016 Partners User Conference Keynote Video, but landed on ‘The Eyes of The Beholders’ as the recommended concept.


The Eye of The Beholders


This concept worked to humanize through storytelling the inherently “colder” aspects of data and analytics and ultimately presented Teradata in a unique, inspiring and visually arresting way. This further plays out the beauty of data. The incredible stories that emerge from analytics at scale can not only transform business and industry, but inspire new questions in us all. The video used a focal-point approach with stock-motion footage and compelling special after-effects and motion graphics.


We created a two-minute bold, high-definition video (approximate length) and a shorter social media teaser version for Teradata to unveil at the PARTNERS User Conference and to also be leveraged throughout multiple distribution channels after the conference.


New Direction and Attitude


The video inspired viewers about the potential that can be achieved from harnessing the power of data and the value that Teradata can provide. It accompanyed Teradata’s new CEO’s speech, and conveyed the corporate messaging, addressed the company’s new direction and attitude, and helped paint a vision for the future.


It was developed from existing assets/stock and 2D animation with up beat music and voice over. The content contained HD stock footage, clean graphic overlays and a professional VO, combining on screen text and music in an exciting and emotionally engaging way.


After the user conference, the video continued to be leveraged throughout Teradata channels including, being used by sales staff, internal meetings, featured on the website, in social media channels, by HR and in executive briefing centers.